Scratch cards


scratch ticketsA traditional scratch card is a piece of paper partly covered in a scratchable surface material. You can’t see through the surface, so you need to scratch it to reveal what’s printed underneath. Once you have scratched the card, in accordance to the rules of the card, you will know if you have won or not. Usually, you will also know exactly how much you have won, but there are exceptions. On certain modern scratch cards, it is possible to win entrance to another level where you may win money or products. There is for instance the popular Swedish scratch card Triss where the player can win entrance to a live TV-show draw and have the possibility of winning a really large prize there.

Today, the traditional physical scratch cards are not you only option – you can scratch virtual scratch cards as well. Virtual scratch cards are available for smart phones, surf tablets and ordinary computers. All you need is an internet connection and an account with any of the gambling sites that offer virtual scratch cards. Most online casinos have at least a handful of virtual scratch cards in their portfolio.

About scratch cards

  • It is important to learn the rules of the scratch card before you scratch, because on some scratch cards you are not supposed to scratch all scratchable surface. Scratching the wrong areas or scratching too large a number of areas can render the scratch card invalid.

    Generally speaking, scratch card rules tend to be very simple and easy to grasp in no time.

  • Scratch cards are usually quite cheap to purchase, from €1 and upwards. There are exceptions of course, especially online. The really cheap scratch cards, costing less than €1, are also typically found online, since gambling sites online can offer cheap scratch cards without having to worry as much about fixed production costs per scratch card. A physical scratch card is always associated with a cost for the paper, latex, production, distribution, etc.
  • In many parts of the world, physical scratch cards are sold by grocery stores, convenience stores, kiosks, and similar, so you do not need to visit a specialized gambling shop to buy scratch cards.

Virtual scratch cards from NeoGames

NeoGames is a game developer famous for their scratch cards. Unlike giant game developers like NetEnt and Microgaming, NeoGames actually make scratch cards a top priority. NeoGames is still a pretty young company with a small portfolio, but judging from their output so far this is definitely a company that we can expect great things from as their portfolio grows.

At the time of writing, NeoGames has created roughly 40 different scratch cards, and many of them are inspired by casino games. You can for instance try out Roulette Scratch, Keno Scratch, Disco Keno Scratch, Royal Poker Scratch, Poker King Scratch, 3 Card Solitaire Scratch, Royal Slots Scratch, Hilo54 Scratch, and Lucky21 Scratch.

If your interested in sports, NeoGames have scratch card such as Ready Set Go available for you. Ready Set Go covers sports such as table tennis, tennis, basket, alpine skiing, dart, bowling and weight lifting.

777 Ocean Pearls is an exclusive scratch card from NeoGames that most casinos only give their VIP-players access to.

Skratchers – and advance scratch card from BetSoft

BetSoft is mostly famous for their advanced 3D-slots, but they have also created an advanced scratch card named Skratchers. One Skratchers consists of ten combined scratch cards that together form a very interesting scratch experience. Regrettably, it can be a bit different to find online casinos that offer Skratchers. Mr Green Casino is a notable example of a casino online where you can enjoy this advanced scratch card.

Virtual scratch cards from NetEntertainment (NetEnt)

One of the largest producers of online games of chance for the European online casino market is NetEntertainment (NetEnt). Even though their portfolio heavily favors slot machines, that do have a nice selection of scratch cards as well.

Examples of popular online scratch cards from NetEnt are The Lost Pyramid, Zodiac, Tribble, Triple Wins, High Roller, World Champions, Lucky Double, 100 m Champion, Max Win, Goal Kick, Road Racing, Marbles, Shoot 4 Gold, Gold Scratch, Silver Scratch and Bronze Scratch.

If you are interested in winning a big prize, you should definitely give Tribble a chance. This is a scratch card with a top prize of €130,000.

Scratch card history

The scratch card is a relatively new invention, and unlike gambling forms such as poker or baccarat, we actually new when and where the scratch card was invented – and by whom.

In the 1960s, a man named John Koza studied computer science in the United States, and eventually got a doctoral degree in the subject. Back then, the subject was still in its infancy. In 1973, John Koza formed a gambling company named the Scientific Games Corporation together with Daniel Bower, a skilled marketer.

At roughly the same time, the state of Massachusetts was in trouble. In addition to taxes, revenue from the Massachusetts State Lottery was a very important source of income, but the lottery wasn’t popular enough to offset rapidly increasing state expenditure. The lottery was pretty primitive – the player would pick six numbers and then patiently wait for the weekly draw.

Daniel Bower and John Koza convinced the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission that what the state needed was a more rapid form of gambling, and set out to create a lottery ticket where the player would find out the result right after purchasing the ticket. Koza used his knowledge in the fields of mathematics and computer science to create an algorithm for the new game, an algorithm that would ensure complete randomness.

The rest is, as they say, history. Right before the Massachusetts State Lottery started selling scratch cards, they would make roughly $1 million a week from lottery sales. Once the scratch cards that been launched, this number quickly rose to $2.7 million a week.

Today, scratch cards are sold in numerous countries world wide and it is also possible to purchase and scratch virtual scratch cards online – in your computer, in your smart phone or on your tablet.